Reports API

A cross domain embeddable service that allows content providers to easily render rich reports.

Live Progress Tracking also gives administrators the power to control end users assessments in real time.

Report Types

See all of our powerful reports in action.

Rendering aggregated summaries or review modes from students assessments.


No UI (Raw data only)

Gain access to the raw data from the Learnosity platform by turning off the report rendering (ui).


Live Progress Tracking

An interactive demo, simulating 3 students taking a test with an administrator viewing their progress in real time. Also shows the power of control events, which can be used to remote control an end user's assessment in real time.


Learning Outcomes Reporting

Interactive drill down report of class results by topic area or learning outcome. Useful in both Formative and Summative learning scenarios.

Note: this report is a premium bundle add-on.