Items API

Learnosity's Items API provides a simple way to access content from the Learnosity item bank, and to optionally pull in activities (assessments) that can be embedded in your pages. It leverages the Questions API and the Assess API as appropriate.

The Items API also supports both items and testlet adaptive assessments.

Use our Assessment Layer

With the flick of a switch turn items into assessments. Truly write once - use anywhere.

Uses the power of our Assess API for a full assessment experience.


Render Questions Inline (no Assessment Layer)

Display items from the Learnosity item bank in no time with the Items API.

Leverages the Questions API's power and makes it faster to integrate.



Showcases the Accessibility panel that allows students to configure accessibility options during an assessment.


Worked Solutions (hints)

Shows examples of using inline hints for questions.


Formative Distractor Rationale

Shows examples of instant feedback to students, as they attempt questions.



Shows examples of loading assessments using activities authored in the Learnosity item bank.


Item Branching Assessment

A simple dynamic assessment that selects the next item or branch based on past performance, according to a pre-defined configuration.


Item Adaptive Assessment

A dynamic assessment that adapts to the user's ability in real time, on a per item basis.


Testlet Adaptive Assessment

A dynamic assessment that adapts to the user's ability, choosing which testlet to go through next.



Sections are a way to split up a single activity into discrete buckets of items, with the ability to have different activity configuration per section.


Failed Submission

Simulates submitting an activity where the network connection may not be available. Students get 3 attempts to submit a test before being presented with options to manually retrieve their assessment data.


Locking Questions

Shows how to customize the questions Check Answer button logic


Restrict Responses Demo

Shows the ability to restrict the assessment navigation and display a message to the student when is missing question responses.


Texthelp Demo

Integrating Learnosity with third-party systems.

Texthelp's SpeechStream is a cloud based JavaScript software solution that allows publishers to embed text-to-speech read aloud within their assessment items.


Assess Question Indexing Demo

Shows the effect of the assess question_indexing option, which indents and numbers all questions.


Annotations Demo

Annotations API offers students the ability to make notes, add multi color highlights to text, place sticky notes onto the page, and use a pen tool to annotate the content.