Questions API – Graph Plotting

One of the many question types provided by the Learnosity Questions API. The graph plotting type allows to draw or plot points, lines, line segments, rays, vectors and circles on a coordinate grid. Graph Plotting question types can be computer scored.

Try a few of the demos below.


Plot Points

Plot points at \((5,2)\), \((3,0)\), \((2,4)\) and \((-1,-5)\).

Plot Lines

Plot the line \( y = x + 1 \)

Plot Segments

Plot a line segment between the coordinates \((-5,-9)\) and \((4,7)\)

Plot Rays

Graph a Ray originating at \((4,0)\) in the direction towards \((7,-2)\)

Hint You'll need to use the Ray tool

Plot Circles

Plot the circle with centre co-ordinates \((5,4)\) and a radius of 2 units.

Plot Vectors

Plot the vector originating at \((0,1)\) in the direction \(\binom{3}{4}\)