Questions API – Question Types

Rich Question Types can be embedded on any page with the Learnosity Questions API. Every question is highly configurable to suit the assessment purpose, be it formative or summative.

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Question Types Overview

Multiple Choice

Which of these colours has the smallest wavelength?

Multiple Choice (Block Style)

What is the capital city of England?

Multiple Choice with multi select

Which of these cities are state capitals?

Short text

Hint “Michael Bloomberg” gets one point, “Bloomberg” gets half a point.

Who is the Mayor of New York City?

Long text answer with basic formatting

Briefly explain cellular mitosis.

Plain text answer, with copy, cut & paste

Write a haiku poem in German.

Spoken response

Describe a typical day in your life.

Cloze (fill in the blanks)

Complete the multiplication table below.

Cloze (fill in the blanks) with drop down menus

Fill in the blanks

Cloze (fill in the blanks) with drag and drop

Simplify the following, expressing your answers with positive indices.

Cloze (fill in the blanks) with Math

Draw / highlight on a background image

Circle one of the flower's anthers in the picture.

Label an image (add text)

Name the states on the map

Label an image (with drop down menus)

Select the correct State names on the map.

Label an image (with drag and drop)

Indicate whether each of the highlighted countries currently has a male or a female Head of State.

Order a list

Sort these historical events chronologically, from earliest to latest.

Order buttons

Sort these Beatles albums by release date (earliest first).

Order paragraphs

Move the paragraphs into the correct order.

Order words or sentences within a paragraph

Rearrange the sentences into the correct order.

Token Highlight

Select all the relevant sections in the text.

Hot Spot

Click the continent with a population above 1 billion.

Match Lists

Match each city to its parent nation.

Sort List

Sort these historical events chronologically, from earliest to latest.

Categories (Drag and Drop)

Drag each triangle to the correct category.

Choice Matrix

Choice Matrix (wide)


Plot Points

Plot points at \((5,2)\), \((3,0)\), \((2,4)\) and \((-1,-5)\).

Plot Lines

Plot the line \( y = x + 1 \)

Plot Segments

Plot Rays

Graph a Ray originating at \((4,0)\) in the direction towards \((7,2)\)

Hint You'll need to use the Ray tool

Plot Circles

Plot Vectors

Math Formula

Hint \(x(x+4) +3\), \(x^2 +4x +3\) and \(3 + x^2 +4x \) would all be acceptable.

Math Formula (Fill in the Blanks)

Hint Possible answers include:

\(5 = y + x\)
\(-5 = y + (-x -2y)\)

Try a few and see - the question is evaluated as a whole, rather than each box on its own.

Math Formula (Unit comparison)

Hint \(0.005km\), \(500cm\), \(5000mm\) \(16.40ft\), \(196.8in\) would all be acceptable.

Simple Chart - Bar

Hint Resize Romance to 4 and add a new SciFi bar with a y-axis value of 4.

Simple Chart - Bar Sorting

Hint Sort the chart (ascending) by clicking on the arrows.

Simple Chart - Line

Hint Resize L to 40 and add a new point (M) and set its value to 60.

Formula Essay

Hint Add math and rich text in the one long-response. Switch between math mode and text mode using the buttons on the right of each selected line.