Author API

Learnosity's Author API allows searching and integration of Learnosity powered content into your content management system.

Content can be saved back to your Learnosity hosted item bank, or you can choose to save content locally.

Item List

The item list mode allows authors to search the Learnosity hosted item bank for existing items. From there it can be configured to allows users to edit items, or just select them for activity creation.


Item Edit

The item edit mode enables professional authors (as well as teachers) to create and edit content. Items, questions and features are saved to your Learnosity hosted item bank.


Item List – Read Only

By disabling certain configuration flags, you can easily setup read only access to your item bank.


Item Edit – Events

A demonstration of event binding with the 'on' public method.

You can prevent the default save event (back to Learnosity) to add custom workflow.


Item List – Routing

A demonstration that uses the ‘navigate’ event and the ‘navigate’ public method to enable linkable, bookmarkable, shareable URLs that allow navigation directly to locations within the app.