Question Editor API - V3

Our editor. Your item bank platform. Embed our Question Editor into your existing CMS to author rich question types directly in the system your content authors and SMEs already know.

Full examples

Review full examples of the embeddable Question Editor API with a tile list view


Edit panel layout

Customise the Question Editor edit panel's layout for each question type to suit your design needs.


Directly Edit a Question

Setup the Question Editor to directly load a question, bypassing the question tiles screen.


Teacher Authoring

For busy teachers you can create super stripped down question templates.

MCQ Math Cloze D&D

Test Dynamic Content with Questions Editor

An advanced example to show how Questions Editor dynamically generate the content for your question.

Demo (Algorithmic Math)

Digital Asset Management

The Question Editor can tie into any existing Digital Asset Management System you may have, or want to use.


Custom Question Editor Templates

Create custom question type templates in the Question Editor.


Simple Layouts

Simple layouts for question types.