Learnosity Demos

This site contains demonstrations for all Learnosity APIs. Most of them are interactive, allowing you to get the feel of our products with real content.

You may also download the entire site to see how you can easily integrate our services into your own technology stack, or you can browse the code directly on github.

Although the site has been written in PHP, the format is simple enough to follow no matter what your preferred language might be.


  • Author API Start here!

    Allows searching and integration of Learnosity powered content into your content management systems, while still leveraging the power of the Learnosity Author site for creation of rich items with a simple interface.

  • Question Editor API

    A fully featured Question and Feature creation tool, with an easy-to-use interface and a live preview and interaction panel, allowing on-the-fly interactive creation and testing for Authors.


  • Items API Start here!

    Provides a simple way to access content from the Learnosity item bank. Also includes a powerful adaptive engine for fine grained assessment control.

  • Questions API

    Rich Question and Feature types can be embedded on any page with the Learnosity Questions API.

  • Assess API

    Configurable layouts and assessment controls including pause, fullscreen mode, navigation and many more. Provides simple assessment delivery to desktops and tablet devices.


  • Reports API

    Allows rendering of rich reports on any page. Includes a live progress report with control events, to remotely control any assessment in real time.

  • Data API

    A back office service that allows authenticated users to retrieve and store information from within the Learnosity Assessment platform.