Learnosity Analytics provides a suite of powerful tools, covering both embeddable, user-friendly reporting, perfectly suited for quickly building out your product, as well as granular back end data-centric functionality to power your own bespoke reporting needs.

Embedding dashboard-style Reporting

Easily use Learnosity's Reports API to embed visual reports, ranging from student & classroom reporting to large-scale district reports!

Display Student-Centric Reports

Learn more about individual students in an easy, in-depth fashion!


Present Classroom & Teacher-Centric Reports

Monitor and compare your students at a glance.


Show Coursework Progress

Particularly suited for publishers or online book companion products, track student progress through all Item bank content.


Display Large-Scale Group/District Reports

Discover large-scale group reporting and let Learnosity take care of the heavy lifting.


Response Analysis Reporting

Summarize class responses at a glance. Group students based on their strengths and needs.


Analyze Learning Outcomes & Mastery

Drill down deeper into student and class results broken down by topic areas or learning outcomes.


Provide Live Progress Tracking & Control

Allow your instructors to see student progress through tests in real-time, along with instructor and teacher control.


Customizing your reporting experience

Disable Reporting UI to Work Directly with Data

In some cases, you may want to use our in-browser reporting widget info, but your own skin and styling on top. Find out more about getting just the report info, and how you can use it!


Use click events

Bring our reports to life, by integrating click behavior and adding an extra depth to your reporting.


Using granular, back-end data reporting

View Data API Examples

Sometimes, you just need access to all the raw info you can handle! Using Learnosity's Data API, you can.