Analyze Learning Outcomes Report and Mastery

Drill down in individual and class-based reports to see percent success in learning outcomes and mastery. Optionally visualize data with score analysis and more.

Learning Outcomes Report - Individual

See your class or group's scores, all broken down according to tag. This report allows you to easily identify strengths and weaknesses based on the skills or subject areas associated with the content in the activity.

Learning Outcomes Report - Class

This demo is based on chapters of a Math curriculum. We've implemented some custom highlighting as an example of some of the powerful customizations possible with this report. You can also use your own custom logic to process and modify the percentages that are shown in every cell. This enables you to implement special weightings, exclusions or rounding in your report if required.

Custom styling for scores of 80% or more, to identify areas of strength.
Custom styling for scores of 60% or less, to identify problem areas.