Learnosity’s partners are some of the world’s most innovative edtech companies. Collaborating in developing, scaling, and delivering exceptional learning products.

We collaborate with the top names in educational technology to help raise standards.

Our demos below display how you can harness our partners' area-specific expertise to build upon Learnosity's extensible Authoring, Assessment, and Analytics products.

Partner Examples

SpeechStream, read aloud solution by TextHelp

This demonstrates integrating Learnosity with TextHelp. TextHelp's SpeechStream is a cloud-based JavaScript software solution that allows publishers to embed text-to-speech into their assessment items.


Text to Speech solution: ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech solutions provide Learnosity clients with the ability for their learners to listen to multiple formats of educational content in over 50 languages and 200+ voices.


Helping every student love learning math: Desmos

Desmos create best-in-class digital math tools. Through the Desmos and Learnosity partnership, Learnosity clients can leverage graphing and scientific calculators.


Browse and Tag Learning Standards: Academic Benchmarks

Certica’s partnership with Learnosity allows Certica’s Academic Benchmarks customers to leverage the Academic Benchmarks digitized learning standards and unique identifiers (GUIDs) in an integrated manner within the Learnosity toolset.


Powerful math tools: GeoGebra

GeoGebra provides several powerful math tools including a graphing calculator, geometry tool, spreadsheet, probability calculator, algebra calculator and 3D graphing.