Desmos Calculators - Graphing, Scientific, and Four Function

Through the Desmos Studio and Learnosity partnership, clients can leverage the Desmos Graphing, Scientific and Four Function Calculators in two ways.

First, these Calculators can be included as a feature on any Learnosity item.
In this demo, click "Add new", and navigate to "Features". You can choose amongst the 3 Desmos custom features: Desmos Four Function Calculator, Desmos Graphing Calculator, and Desmos Scientific Calculator.

Second, authors can create custom open-ended, graded math items within seconds. Learnosity provides a number of templates across math and economics, plus the ability to create custom math item types.
In this demo, click "Add new". You can choose a Question Type amongst the categories: Algebra I & II, Geometry, Statistics, Economics, Calculus, Miscellaneous.

Once you have created a Question or a Feature, click "Preview" to preview the result as it would be shown in an Assessment.