Present Classroom and Teacher-Centric Reports

Easily learn more about your whole classroom at a glance. Our Reports API provides embeddable, group and classroom-focused reports to provide a teacher or instructor with information about their classroom ability and progress.

Most recent score by user - with tag breakdown

See your class or group's scores, all broken down according to tag. This report allows you to easily identify strengths and weaknesses based on the skills or subject areas associated with the content in the activity.

Most recent score by user - with item breakdown

Drill down and see exactly how each student did, per item. Helpful for identifying specific knowledge or understanding gaps in your group.

Most recent score by user - with multiple activity breakdown

This report provides an easy to use, at-a-glance view for multiple students, across multiple tests.

Response analysis report - class responses at a glance

See a summary of class responses at a glance:

  • Click on an Item header to drill into the detail view and see full responses.
  • Within the detail view, click on student names to highlight groupings of students who responded the same way.