Display Student-Centric reports

Learn more about individual students in an easy, in-depth fashion! Our Reports API provides embeddable, student-focused reports to provide a student with additional information and feedback or provide a teacher with a drilled down view of their student progress.

Sessions Summary

See a running total of correct, incorrect and skipped items for an individual session or a combination of sessions.

Sessions Summary - with Tag breakdown

See a more detailed breakdown of the score of an individual or combination of sessions, broken down based on a tag hierarchy.

List of Student Sessions and Scores

View multiple attempts at the same activity, or multiple different activities, for a single student.

List of Student Sessions - broken down by item scores

Dive deeper and analyze exactly how a student did at a per-item level for a number of sessions.

Most recent score per Activity

See a student score for their most recent attempt at one or multiple activities.

Session Detail Review

Drill down into the student answer, score and correct answer for a session.